Base Prices
  • Sketch:            $5 USD
  • Line Art:         +$5 USD 
  • Base Color:       +$5 USD
  • Cell Shading:     +$5 USD

Extra Add-ons
  • Extra Characters: +$5 USD
  • Over 8"x11":      +$10 USD
  • Specific Style:   +$15 USD
  • Digital Painting: +$20 USD
  • Backgrounds:      +$5-20 USD

About My Commission Services
  • Must have a valid PayPal account to place an order.
  • Please email me or DM me on any of the platforms I have listed on my contact info page to discuss the order with me beforehand. The more specific you can be and if you can provide any links to references, the more likely I am to take the order.
  • If you are ordering more than a sketch (i.e. a fully inked line art piece or colored commission) you only have to pay for the sketch up front and I will send you samples before continuing beyond the sketch stage.
  • The rest of payment will be required for the final full sized commission without watermarking.
  • Sketch commissions are not subject to extra drafts, sorry.
  • Commissions will be done by default at 8"x11" at 300dpi* by default, if you need another specific size let me know. If you need larger it's a $10 up charge.
  • Please give me at least two weeks from the time I accept an order (i.e. we finalize the $5 charge for your sketches) to the full completion as I need to schedule around my day job. No rush orders at this time.
  • Background prices are entirely dependent on how complicated you want the background to be, there is no charge for a solid color or transparent background though.
  • If you order a piece with two or more specific styles, like the commission sample shows, I may have to charge per style based upon how difficult or different they are from each other due to the added practice it takes to imitate someone else's style.**
  • If you can't afford a commission or don't want one but still want to support me, consider buying me a coffee on my Ko-fi page!
  • If you have any other questions don't be afraid to just ask!

Commission Content
  • I am very skilled at doing surreal cartoons, machines, robots, and monsters.
  • I am willing to do realistic styles, anthro/furry characters, animals, nsfw requests, etc. although results may vary.
  • I won't draw anything excessively gory or that depicts anything sexual involving children. 

Bulk Orders and Contract Work
  • If you are in need of several pieces (5 or more) or would like to contract me for game art, design work, animation, etc. I am willing to discuss special deals or rates depending on the circumstances.

* For reference: 8 x 11 inches is about 203.2 x 279.4 millimeters, or at 300dpi it's 2,400 x 3,300 pixels.

** For full disclosure if anyone ever asks me to do a commission in the Cyanide and Happiness style I will charge you $200. Just... please don't.